Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a great weekend

This weekend is looking pretty awesome for autographs right about now. Went to a signing for Red Wing's Ville Leino and Darren Helm, and got them to autograph Wing's pucks for me. Went back the next day and met "Terrible" Ted Lindsay. I already have a few of his autographs, so I didnt want to pay to get it once more. I just spoke to him for a few moments and took a picture of my friend and him together. (Pics of the two pucks will be up a little later).

Found out that they will be having Nick Lidstrom and Chris Osgood signing there in about 2 weeks. Wow! Of course i'll be having to pay for their autographs ($50 for Lidstrom and $45 for Ozzie), but trying to get Lidstrom via the mail is near impossible. I have a few requests out and either nothing back or stamps traced in a sharpie. So i'll take this opportunity to get a jersey number signed by each. This way I can take my time to buy two authentic Wings jerseys, get their nameplates and numbers sewn on there when I have the cash available to me too. So then I'll have 2 new autographed jerseys (4 total) from a 4 time and 3 time Stanley Cup Champions, and a resume for each that goes on and on.

Now if only Holmstrom would come out and sign, I have a game used Kronik stick of his that would look sick signed at the blade in a nice silver paint pen.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jeremy Roenick

What can I really say about superstar Jeremy Roenick? US olympian, 9 time all star...even revitalized his career when he made a comeback to the San Jose Sharks, scored his 500th career goal, a feat not done by too many US players. Of course Roenick came with many controversies, and always loved to run his mouth, if you will. He was involved in the Turin Olympics mishap, and was "blackballed" by US hockey as he so nicely likes to put it. But regardless of the negative things that can be said about him, he has done a lot of positive things for USA Hockey and for the teams he has played for in general.

Manny Legace

Manny Legace has seen himself on the short side of the stick many times over in his professional career, and unfortunately hasn't been able to always bounce back from it. Playing for Detroit for many years, winning a Stanley Cup as a back up in 2002, he floundered his first year as a starter for Detroit against Edmonton, in the first round of the playoffs. Driven from Detroit, he was sent to division rival St Louis and was never quite the same, even as the starter. Now with the rise of Mason, Legace found himself again without a team. November 9th, a few days ago he just signed a 1 year, 500K deal with the Carolina Hurricanes to either back up Cam Ward when he's healthy again, or just be his temporary fill in, to be sent back down to the AHL when he's healthy again. Only time will tell.

Slava Kozlov

Slava Kozlov was an original member of the infamous "Russian 5", back when Scotty Bowman was coaching the Wings. I *believe* it was in 95 when this line debuted, but it could be 96, I'm not entirely certain at this point. Played great with the Wings, won 2 Stanley Cups with us, before being let go in the 2001-2002 season when the Wings became the super team with Hull, Robitaille, Hasek, Fedorov, Datsyuk, Yzerman, Lidstrom...this list goes on and on. Still playing well in Atlanta, I even have him on my fantasy hockey roster right now. Haha

Justin Williams

I had this out for about a year and a half, and it finally came back to me. Very happy about it. Justin Williams was a very big reason why the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup in 2006. Maybe not so much just him, but none the less, certainly helped out. With him in Los Angeles now, I feel this guy can be a bigger help to the rising stars they have on that team, and his career is still far from over. He's got plenty of years left. He may not be a "superstar" quality player, but he's definately a roleplayer that brings a lot to the team he plays on.

Marty Turco

Marty Turco is basically my goaltending idol. He and I both go/went to the same school (University of Michigan) and won two National Championships there. This was actually a TTM (Through the Mail) and not a in person signing. I actually sent a card to get autographed via his house address, and in the letter asked that if I were to send a U of M jersey, if he'd be willing to sign it. He sent a post it note on the card that read "Jersey-You bet! Send it on in!" Needless to say, I was so stoked I went out and bought this jersey immediately. I went to the UPS store, got a nice little box to put it in, through in a thank you letter, the post it note, and the silver paint pen to go with it. I asked if he wants to personalize or throw anything extra on there that'd be awesome, and I leave it entirely up to him. I included the return label already paid for, so all he had to do was slap it back on the box, and UPS would either pick it up from his house for free or he could take it to the UPS store. After a few months of waiting (basically from December to the end of the season) I got it back. That made my month. Upper Left corner reads Go Blue, middle is his signature, and upper right is National Championship 96 98.

Just one of the best things I ever recieved in the mail. Just amazing. Marty is the man for doing something like that. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

Mikael Sammuelson

I picked up this jersey right after the Winter Classic in '09, and had the opportunity to meet Mikael at a local memorabilia place to get his autograph. I gotta be honest, the first thing I noticed about him is that he had some guns on his arms. His bi's and tri's were about the size of my head, and thats not small to start with. Very nice guy. His agent was sitting next to him, and I had him sign my jersey with that special inscription, making it one of a kind. It's the box score from the Winter Classic game. My goal is to have everyone that was on the box score sign it, but now it's pretty difficult considering that Hudler is now in Russia, and I have no access to Hossa or Conklin anymore either. Sucks, but, what can you do?

I just really like this piece, and I feel it's one of a kind, and special to me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


After being away from the autograph scene for a time, i'm looking to get back in. So watch for this to be updated in the coming weeks, when some new autographs will be in. Thanks for all the supportive comments, its what helped me get back into this great hobby again.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ryan Kesler

In the horrible midst of the attack he sustained from Jessi Boulerice, I did recieved a nice signed card back from him. Every so slightly closer to recieving part of my set signed. I also set this one after the Canuck playoff run ended, and before the Stanley Cup had been won, so I figuring early May. Recieved it during training camp, so he must have picked up his fan mail and signed it during training camp, giving him something to do. Like him as a player and for what the Canucks do for children, I'm hoping to recieve more of his autographs in the future

Mike Ribeiro

I came across a address for Mike, and was not expecting the fast turn around time from him. I about only a month, Mike signed my card for me and sent it back, especially since it was during training camp and such. I hope that he finds continued success in Dallas, as I feel personally he is a better fit there than with Montreal. But then again, what do I know, i just collect autographs, not a color commentator for OLN or TSN.
I apologize for the crap-tastic photo, i'll try and get a better one up sometime soon.